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The Exotic Origins of Apples

Apple TreeApple Orchard Tree

Apples are a widespread treat throughout the world and it is hard to imagine that there was a time without them. This fruit easily traveled from the Middle East to the rest of the globe and now has a distinct history all its own.

Although it may seem like a boring piece of food at first, dried apples have interesting origins and well established benefits.

The next time you cook with them or have a few as a snack, you will remember the wealth of compelling facts dried apples have in store.

Surprising health benefits of dried apples

Health conscious people are often worried that a dried fruit will not have the same benefits as the fresh version. Thankfully, nothing could be further from the truth.

On top of that, a dried apple slice still has a great deal of dieting-friendly fiber. Some of the weird health benefits apples have include stronger bones, a healthier scalp and improved digestion.

The hidden magic of this fruit is the tartaric and malic acids that keep food from fermenting in the intestines.

Special dried apple recipes

Dried apples are a good pantry staple due to its versatility in a wide variety of recipes. For instance, you can chop them up and reconstitute them in hot water to make filling for apple pies.

Dried apples also taste great in tomato-based poultry dishes served over rice or couscous. Finally, a popular use for the dehydrated version of this produce is to add it into a hot fruit compote recipe in a slow cooker.

Dried apples are a simple way to snack

Dried Apple ChipsDried Apple Chips

Dried apples are not quite the same as fruit leathers, dried apples can be soft, almost like a stale marshmallow, or crunchy like a chip depending on how they were dried and preserved.

Most of the time, dried apples are sold as cored circles in plastic resealable bags. Like chips and other snacks, they are eaten right out of the bag with your hands.

Obviously, this produce is one way to make sure that you are living a healthier life. Moreover, the flexibility of the fruit ensures you will never run out of ways to incorporate them in your diet. You know what they say about an apple a day…

So take a hint from ancient history and start including dried apples in your diet today.

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