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Dried Cranberries

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dried cranberries

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Cranberries: Smart Choice for Your Health

Cranberry BushCranberries Before Harvest

Due to their immense health benefits, adding cranberries to your daily diet is a wise decision. These tiny berries hold a smörgåsbord of disease preventing properties.

Not to mention, the delicious taste they can give to many dishes, making cranberries one must have super food.

What are the well-known benefits?

Cranberries help prevent urinary tract infections, for one, but that’s not all. Cranberries also contain antioxidants which aid in protecting the body against free radicals.

Free radicals can cause cell damage and are associated with many diseases.

What kinds of vitamins and nutrients do they have?

Dried cranberries are a good source of Vitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Calcium and Potassium.

How can dried cranberries be incorporated into a balanced diet?

You will have little problem figuring out how to dried cranberries into your daily diet.

As a tasty addition to trail mixes, sprinkled on top of whole grain cereal, added into muffins, scones or cookies, or just eaten by the handful, you’ll find lots of ways to include them.

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