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Prunes Rank #1 in Antioxidants Among Dried Fruit

Fresh PlumsFresh Plums

Dried prunes, often marketed these days as dried plums, are considered the number one super food when it comes to antioxidant content according to research conducted at Tufts University.

The antioxidant power of dried prunes is even greater than the fresh plums used to create them.

Plums are among the oldest fruits ever cultivated with the first growing regions found in Asia and Eastern Europe.

No Longer Just a Laxative

Greater research about the health benefits of plums in recent years have helped prunes move beyond the pigeon-hole it has remained in for so long as a natural laxative.

Many people simply avoided prunes if they didn’t have the problem of constipation. But research has proven that eating dried prunes has many benefits beyond digestive regularity!

The antioxidant action provide by the compounds contained in dried prunes can help to retard aging of the skin, prevent heart disease as well as greatly reduce the risk of many other life-threatening illnesses.

Fiber Powerhouse

There are more than 6 grams of fiber in every 100 grams of dried prunes, aiding the absorption of water in the colon and helping to move waste materials along at a faster rate, eliminating the problem of constipation.

In addition, scientific studies have shown that the potassium content in dried prunes serves to keep bone health in post-menopausal women.

A high concentration of boron in dried prunes may also help protect older women against osteoporosis and other bone damaging disorders.

Enjoy Dried Prunes Throughout the Day

Cook with PrunesTry Prunes in Stuffing

Dried prunes are a very versatile addition to everyday menus. Soak them in warm orange juice and enjoy as a breakfast fruit appetizer. Chopped dried prunes onto your cream of wheat cereal.

Blend dried prunes into waffle or pancake batter for added fiber and nutrition. Stew dried prunes in red wine and serve over a soft cheese as a dessert option.

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